In a recent interview with TMZ, Lil Eazy-E spoke out against lawmakers who have proposed that it no longer be a felony for someone who knowingly exposes others to the disease by engaging in unprotected sex and not telling their partner about their infection.

"I think it's population control," Lil Eazy-E said. "You could have a female wanting to get back at a group of individuals knowing that she’s infected – ‘I’m just going to go mess the whole football team up,’ you gotta have some consequences to stuff like that.”

Lil Eazy-E went on to address his feelings about the "down low" gay men's involvement in the potential spread of HIV. “If they’re unsafe, you gotta let them know you can’t be poking at these beautiful women that want to live a life, and have no consequences to it.”

The California law change would bring the charge down from a felony to a misdemeanor. The same downgrade in crime level would also apply to people who donate blood or semen without telling the blood or semen bank that they have tested positive for HIV or AIDS. Democratic state Senator Scott Wiener introduced the HIV bill in California.

“These laws were passed at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic when there was enormous fear and ignorance and misinformation around HIV," he argued. “It’s time for California to lead and to repeal these laws to send a clear signal that we are going to take a science-based approach to HIV, not a fear-based approach.”

One of the opponents of the bill is state Sen. Joel Anderson. He believes that if a person knowingly exposes someone to the disease it should be a felony.

“Because they are so disrespectful of the people they are willing to engage in a sexual act with and risk their life, that is the reason why they need to go to prison,” Anderson said. “They can’t be trusted in society as a responsible person."

As of now, the law has not been passed.


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