Following a recent appearance on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, comedian Lil Duval found himself in hot water with the LGBT community after controversial comments he made about transgenders.

Many people have begun protesting the show and called for an apology from Lil Duval. But the comedian is not backing down from his comments, claiming it’s his job as a comedian to anger people. On Sunday, Duval took to Instagram to post a meme featuring his reaction to the controversy.

“Lil Duval they waiting on you to apologize,” the meme read. The post then featured a picture of the comedian looking unbothered. In the photo’s caption, Duval wrote, “If your favorite comedian not pissing someone off, they not a great comedian.”

During his appearance on the show, co-host DJ Envy asked the comedian what his reaction would be if he found out a woman he was about to have sex with was transgender.

“This might sound messed up, and I don’t care: She dyin’,” Lil Duval said.

Since then, Lil Duval said he had no problem with gay or transgender people but doubled down on his original comments.

“That’s psychological damage. I went crazy right then,” he said.

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