Lil B was supposed to perform at the Rolling Loud Festival in Mountain View, Calif., on Saturday (Oct. 21), but that was interrupted when A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s crew jumped him prior to him getting onstage.

According to various reports, the Based God was backstage about to perform when he crossed paths with A Boogie who just finished performing. It was there that 10 people severely punched and kicked Lil B, and allegedly stole his equipment so he couldn’t perform.

Apparently, Lil B got jumped over a tweet that he made where he said that he reps New York harder than most of the rappers from the city. A Boogie is from the Bronx and obviously he didn't like his remark.

Afterward, in an interview with Revolt TV, Lil B said that he doesn't have an issue with A Boogie and is willing to shake his hand and make peace. He also added that he would even do a collaborative song with A Boogie.

"I said something about Boogie music and they all got mad and they jumped me," he said. "There are some folks that are representing the culture that need to kick back," he added. "They don't have to be all violent. It don't have to be like that. It ain't about that."

Meanwhile, A Boogie went on Twitter and told fans that he doesn't have a clue as to what happened backstage with Lil B. However, he did tweet this cryptic message, "When the Hate don't work they start Telling Lies.. Last months biggest Hater is Telling Lies."

Since being attacked, Lil B went on his Twitter page to reiterate that he holds no ill will towards A Boogie With da Hoodie.

"A boogie with a hoodie and his crew jumped me don’t no how many of em it was but it’s all good I love y’all and I forgive y’all LOVE," he tweeted. "Violence is wack!And never the answer Love y’all I mean that! And I’m down to shake hands with the folks that jumped me I got honor."

Read A Boogie and Lil B's tweets below.

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