British singer James Blake reaches out across the pond to Chance The Rapper for the remix to 'Life Round Here.'Chance's vocals appear throughout the song, showcasing both his singing and rapping ability. As a singer, he harmonizes alongside Blake, describing the warzone that is his hometown of Chicago. For Chance, 'Life Round Here' means: "Save yourself first." The tension in Chance's voice contrasts well with Blake's subdued harmonies. Halfway through the song, Chance drops a verse and his rapid fire delivery and signature adlibs bring an increased energy to the song. This is definitely a verse that could fire up an audience during a live show.

But what makes this verse stand out is the fact that the Chicago native isn't limited to just a double-time, gimmicky flow. His imagery remains sharp and his lines manage to go beyond what is said on a surface level, most notably when he says "Still feel bad I'm a chill pill addict."

The song then concludes with some more harmonizing between Chance and Blake.

The original 'Life Round Here' appears on Blake's sophomore album, 'Overgrown.' Meanwhile, Chance's verse comes a day after it was announced that he will be covering Complex Magazine for the upcoming October/November issue.

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