It's been almost two decades since Busta Rhymes and his former group Leaders of the New School released their 1991 debut album 'Future Without A Past,' but that isn't stopping them from getting pegged with copyright suits.

Drive-In Music Company has filed a lawsuit against Busta, Elektra Entertainment Group, Charlie Brown, Dinco D. and DJ Cut Monitor Milo for illegally sampling Dyke and the Blazers' 'Let a Woman Be a Woman, Let a Man Be a Man' on their track 'Case of the P.T.A..' The suit claims that they just realized the sample was used on the song and that the group didn't clear the sample before releasing the disc.

Drive-In is suing for unspecified damages and seeking a permanent injunction to cease any sales of the album, which is currently being sold in a digital format. Additionally, the company is taking steps to prevent the album from being sold any further by impounding all existing copies of the album sitting on record shelves.

L.O.N.S. got its start in the late '80s opening for Public Enemy on tour, making its first on-track appearance on Elektra Records' compilation 'Rubáiyát: Elektra's 40th Anniversary.' The group released two albums -- its 1991 debut and a follow-up two years later dubbed 'T.I.M.E.' -- before disbanding several years later.