Lauren London, who gave birth to a baby boy with rapper Nipsey Hussle back in September, decided to attend a Lakers' game with Nipsey last night.

Big news, right? For some people, it apparently was. Following pictures of the couple together, London has been trending on Twitter because of... her baby weight. Honestly, most of the tweets are positive, warning people not to say anything about London's weight gain because she's still gorgeous and chastising low-self esteem people who have said anything negative about her.

In a plastic surgery-loving society that thrives on false beauty narratives and standards, and social media which makes average people feel that, they too, should be stared at with the same frequency as celebrities, London trending on Twitter for hours after her first post-baby appearance is really sad, but not exactly surprising.

For her part, London doesn't seem to have said anything about the subject, seeing as how she has a life and all. She recently helped out 2 Chainz with his Pretty Girls Like Trap Music playlist, which he's using as marketing lead in to his upcoming album of the same name.

At any rate, folks had a lot to say about anyone who tried to body-shame London.


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