Kevin Federline is full of surprises. The former backup dancer, who once ranked on our list of music's most embarassing dads, turned out to be the arguably more stable parent in a nasty custody battle with ex-wife Britney Spears. To occupy the rest of his time, the Fed-Ex is trying his hand at acting.

Federline made his acting debut on 'CSI' and now the 'PopoZao' rapper is taking on a recurring role on the CW teen drama 'One Tree Hill.' K-Fed impressed the cast and crew when he filmed an upcoming guest spot. Currently, Federline is only slated for two episodes, but the open-ended storyline could allow for more appearances.

Federline, who's 'Playing With Fire' album wasn't exactly a chart topper, has decided to put his music career on hold to focus on his passion for acting. TMZ reported that K-Fed would only agree to film the show if the schedule worked with his custody arrangements and court appearances. He made it very clear that he would not be available if his shooting time decreased his daddy time.