One of the more recognizable features of Kenna's song 'Love Is Still Alive' is that addicting drum pattern. It's steely and feels almost too cold as the synth bubbles underneath it. That aesthetic comes out clearly in the single's video.

While the song has a little bit of that '80s chic vibe, the visual feels centered around this nocturnal party time isolation. A young woman is dancing by herself without much of a reason, or at least that's what we're led to believe.

She constantly blurs in and out of focus as is the case with Kenna too, but never to the same point of abstraction surrounding herself and the other ladies in the video. Perhaps, the woman is merely what he's envisioning. It does feel surreal, and the black-and-white style of the clip only adds to that sensation.

'Love Is Still Alive' rests on Kenna's 'Imitation Is Suicide: Chapter 2' EP, which is currently available here.

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