Kendrick Lamar has just dropped off the new video for one of the standout records on DAMN., "Loyalty" featuring Rihanna.

Like the other videos for the album ("Humble, " "Element" and "DNA"), the visuals are directed by Dave Meyers and the little homies and feature some amazing, creative shots. The video follows the obvious theme of the song relatively closely, though the imagery is a bit abstract.

The video opens with a blindfolded Kendrick in a dimly lit red den full of gorgeous women, one of which appears to seduce him only to stab him in the head before the scene switches to Kendrick in what looks like an underground parking lot with a bunch of homies. At one point, the asphalt turns into sand and in a super cool trick, everyone begins sinking.

Rihanna plays an active role in the video- flexing her acting skills as she acts like a temptress, who Kendrick Bruce Lee's some dude for, then later as his accomplice in dangerous fun as the two do donuts in a car before it comes to a crashing end. They're both okay, although bloody, as they laugh the expreience off. The video is cut with "Pride" in an especially interesting shot when Kendrick dangles Rihanna off the side of a high-rise, and asks her if she trust him. The video ends with the pair sinking into the asphalt sand.

All in all, it's abstract but interesting, like all of his videos for the acclaimed album have been thus far.

Kendrick is currently on tour, where he's bringing out all the stops, including pulling some of his big name peers on stage for surprise appearances, like Chance the Rapper, 2 Chainz and J. Cole.

Catch the dope new video above.


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