Keke Palmer continues to show us that she's one of the hottest and most talented women in music with her latest music video for "Enemiez" featuring Jeremih.

Her latest video takes on a classic Romeo & Juliet-esque love story, as Palmer and her love interest belong to two opposing gangs. But it seems it's more than Palmer bargained for as she gives an ultimatum in the song.

"This ain't enough for me / Gotta be honest, I want you to lust for me / And if we're just friends I'd rather be your enemy / So we can do all the things you're holding back from me / So let's be enemies, yeah," she sings. Later she sings the popular phrase with "I know you keep your friends close / I know you keep your enemies closer, yeah."

Jeremih, who does not play Palmer's love interest, pulls through with some convincing rhymes in lieu of the lovebird. "I'm gonna change the way you look at me / I'll put desire in your eyes / And I can't wait to see your fantasies / I can make you come alive," he croons.

The two lovers plan to sneak off into the sunset together. But it isn't long before Palmer is caught and has to fight (well, dance) against her crew to find her way back to her love.

This isn't the first time Palmer showed off some dancing skills lately. She also performed some sensual moves to Rihanna's "Work" last week.

Check out the "Enemiez" video above and see if the two get away and escape.

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