Bay Area vet, Keak Da Sneak, is back with a new album, Withdrawl.

The rapper was shot eight times this summer, and since then has a new focus on life and music, as evidenced with his new release, which was produced entirely by Oakland production duo, The Mekanix.

Keak premiered the single, "For You" featuring Rayven Justice on The Boombox ahead of the album's release, a song he was excited to release.

"When I was recording the album I didn't have a song for the women," Keak said about the song. "The Mekanix hooked up the beat and Rayven killed the hook. We worked together before and I needed him on this one."

Keak says that since he hasn't dropped a project since 2013, he knew his fans were looking forward to hearing new music from him.

"The streets gotta be sick without Keak da Sneak," he said. "My music is my dope. People were saying, 'Give us some of that dope. Lemme get some of that Keak, please!' During this time, I was being reckless - I was in the streets, catching cases, going to jail. My father passed away and I couldn’t attend his funeral because I was in prison. I was being unfaithful to my wife, my grandmother passed. It caused me to go into a depression. I started being wild. I was acting like I wasn’t who I am. I got a lot of reality checks. So I said, 'Let me get back to doing what I do. Let me stop doing this stuff, I’m tripping.' Withdrawl is the result of that decision--to return to what made me happen and to work on repairing my relationship with my wife and my family."

Take a listen to the album below. Purchase it here.


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