Comedian and sometime rapper Katt Williams got into it with a fan during a cyber chat recently. "B--ch, how are you even on here?" Williams began. "Are you using AOL 9.5, b--ch? I hope your minutes expire you pasty face b--ch. You look like a pile of mayonnaise." Ouch. [HipHopWired]

Ninja from Die Antwoord recently discussed the first time he met collaborator Wanga. "We've known Wanga since he was a street kid. He lives in this house in Cape Town and squats on a farm. This year, Wanga was supposed to go to one of these rituals because he wasn't circumcised. We thought maybe he just shouldn't go because 60 kids f--king died this year because their penises didn't work properly afterward and s--t. So I asked him what would happen if he didn't go to the bush, and he said that he wouldn't be a man and he wouldn't be able to speak to the other men. So I asked him why he was speaking to me and he said, 'Because you're cool, Ninja.' Then he looked at my tattoo and said he wanted to be 'Evil Boy for life.'" Uh... [Pitchfork]

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