Katt WilliamsComedian and one-time Dipset affiliate, Katt Williams, is in serious financial trouble. The diminutive entertainer, who at one point was one of the world's highest paid stand-up comedians, was involved in several run-ins with the police this past year, and now appears to be losing his estate.

According to a foreclosure letter from Redwood Mortgage, Williams' house in Calabasas, California, is going into foreclosure, due to an almost $2.5 million debt to the bank.

In addition, Williams' Phantom Rolls-Royce, which he frequently mentions in his routines, is about to be re-possessed. He also reportedly owes several millions of dollars in back taxes, is fighting several pending lawsuits filed by former employees who claim that they were never paid, and still owes the Atlanta lawyers who represented him in his recent burglary charges.

Unfortunately, the comedian refuses to do stand up comedy to help cover his bills, having announced his retirement. Instead, he is allegedly attempting to book performances for himself as a rapper, with little success.

Williams recently skipped out on a scheduled show in Dallas during this past All-Star Weekend, but has reportedly kept the deposit he was paid.

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