Kat DeLuna is vowing to bring "love back to the club" and "party like it's 1999" along with her sidekick, Jeremih in her latest video for "What a Night."

Although the song was released a few days ago, fans are already getting a visual for the fun track. Jeremih kicks off the new song, which samples The Four Season's "Oh, What a Night," before DeLuna sings the catchy chorus.

"Oh what a night / Got my girl with me / Got my girl with me tonight / And tonight we gon' party like it's 1999 / Yeah we gon' bring love back to the club / We gon' bring love, love to the club / Oh what a night," the duo sings.

In the video, DeLuna and Jeremih get cozy on the couch before the former breaks into some choreographed dance moves. Although we're not sure how we feel about Deluna throwing on a Japanese kimono in the Tyrone Edmond-directed visual.
"Channeling my inner Kimono girl style..," she tweeted. But that's a think piece for another day.

Along with the video, DeLuna is gearing up for the release of her album, Viva Out Loud. Although it's seen a few push backs -- not too different from her counterpart, Jeremih who has seen multiple delays for his own album, Late Nights.

In the meantime, they're partying it up. And we're definitely down for that. Check out the video above and let us know what you think in the comments.