Rising Atlanta rap star Kap G is back with another banger called “No New Friends” featuring fellow ATLien Quavo of the group Migos.

Over bouncy beat, the duo rap about their lavish lifestyle and blocking people from coming into their inner circle. Quavo kicks things off spitting about how the ATL created a whole new sound that the whole world is copying but not giving credit.

"Really y'all n----s owe me (y'all) / Came in with a new sound (whoo)
And the whole world stole it (they did) / They try to act like they don't see it (damn) / They tryna act like they don't hear it (damn) / Motherf--- a fake friend (f--- you) / I'm with my day one to the end (friend)," he raps.

Meanwhile, Kap G is going to keep stacking his paper while being leery of backstabbers. "I had to stop stressin' over these bitches / Got me some money, got me a crib," adding, "Got enough friends, I don't need no more / I'm a CEO, I don't need your hoe / Yeah, you know that they hate when you up."

The artwork for the single is interesting as it includes illustrated versions of Kap G, Quavo and President Donald Trump who is crossed out. Although "No New Friends" isn't an anti-Trump song, it's clear that Kap G and Quavo doesn't want to be friends with Trump.

Check out Kap G's new song above.

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