After playing a secret show in New York City last week, Kanye West spent the weekend in his studio. The result is a fine-tuned remix to his recent single, 'Power,' with help from Kobe Bryant and Mos Def.

"Kobe helped me finish my #Power remix verse...Just building on the concept of [Power] and Mos helped me find the 'old me' lyrically," West wrote on Sunday morning. The trio eventually became a foursome, when Swizz Beatz joined the party and Kanye posted a picture of the stars lounging in the studio. After cementing his verse on the 'Power' remix -- which was originally supposed to feature Jay-Z -- Kanye revealed that he had even more guests stopping by to add their verses to the track. "Scheduled studio visits 2day, Nikki [Minaj], John Legend, Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, Pusha T, Phillip Lim," he wrote.

According to Mr. West's frequent and detailed tweets, there is no end in sight to his current musical run. "Remember jazz musicians used to collab and do 4 song albums or James Brown used to just keep dropping s--- back to back," he wrote. "I might have to put out 5 albums this year ... My spirit is full ... My heart is open ... People want new music ... I can't hold it back."