Kanye West has finally released his highly-anticipated Justin Bieber remix with Wu-Tang rapper Raekwon.

The collaboration, which began as a kind of joke between Kanye and Bieber over Twitter, is now very real. Starting off with a shoutout to "JB" by Rae and the "Impeach the President" drums sampled by the RZA on Wu-Tang's classic 'Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F--- Wit,' before breaking into Bieber's catchy 'Runaway Love' hook, the song makes far more sense on MP3 than it ever did on Twitter; it's actually pretty catchy.

Rae contributes two verses to the remix, while 'Ye drops one studded with a slew of early Wu references, including "Last name West and my teeth diamonds/ She said 'yo, what's your occupation, crazy rhyming?' a nod to Rae and Ghost's 1995 remix of Jodeci's 'Freek'n You.'

"We was drinking, laughing, being normal cats," Rae said of the recording session. "At the same time, we had a house full of celebrities in the house as well. [Kanye] was moving through the facility, checking out the studios he had. He had three studios in there...You had Akon in the building. Mos Def was just chillin'. Mos is a good friend of 'Ye's. You had Charlie Wilson, the legendary cat from the Gap Band. Chris Rock walked in. These are guys that really respect who 'Ye is."

Check the song out below.