After she announced that her anticipated new album, Don’t Ever Get It Twisted, which was supposed to drop sometime last spring has been delayed, Oakland rapper Kamaiyah returns with a surprise mixtape, Before I Wake.

"My [major-label studio debut] has been held up due to samples," she explained in recent interview with GQ. "So it wasn’t put out on time. It was supposed to come out in March, I believe. Now it’s November. So to make up for that deficit, I’m gonna put out more work.

It's a follow-up to 2016's  A Good Night In The Ghetto and finds Kamaiyah showcasing her depth of skill, with no features on the 10-track release. This is the first of two projects for the rapper—another project called Woke is on the way soon as well.

“I’m working on putting out two projects, Before I Wake and Woke. Conceptualized! No features. All me. I’m picking up my speed,” she confirmed to GQ, before expressing her discontent with her label's delay in putting out a new album.

And as for her industry regimen? Simple: it's all about the music and nothing else.

"Typically my regimen is, “I don't fuck with y’all.” I come out for stuff like this, I work, and I go home," she explained. "I don't wanna come to your club parties. It’s super weird people in there. Once I get drunk, I get uncomfortable and just wanna go home. I don’t really go out much. You can’t tarnish what you can’t touch."

Listen to her new mixtape below.