Bay Area apper Kafani has denied involvement in an Oakland shooting which left eight wounded yesterday (Nov. 28), including a one-year-old boy, who was shot in the head, and is currently in a coma.

The shooting, which occurred just after 6PM on Monday evening, was said to have taken place in a liquor store parking lot during a video shoot for Kafani, where over 50 shots were fired at a crowd of people, hitting eight and leaving a van bearing the rapper's likeness riddled with bullets.

While Kafani has denied ownership of the van, and claims he had nothing to do with the video shoot, the boy, Hiram Lawrence, has been revealed to be his cousin's son.

In an interview with NBC Bay Area, the rapper explained that his cousin "had his son in his hands, and somebody started shooting ... I think the bullet that hit him in the hand is what hit his son in the head."

While Kafani has not offered much explanation regarding the shooting, he did reveal that his cousin's little son is in a coma, after undergoing surgery overnight at Children's Hospital in Oakland.

"Right now now lil cuz in coma but both sides of brain seems to be functioning right now pray pls," he tweeted just minutes ago.

Although the condition of the other victims is currently unknown, police have said that their injuries to not appear to be life-threatening. They have not revealed whether they have any leads in the shooting.

In August, Kafani, who was under house arrest at the time, made a series of threats against controversial 'I'm Gay' rapper Lil B.

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