Brownsville's Ka plays with shadows with his music and does much of the same for the music video to 'Jungle.'

The video is devoid of color, allowing Ka (who also plays the role of director) to bring his hometown back to the gritty roots he experienced growing up. Footage flashes past abandoned fields, basketball courts, and even a police station. In between this added footage, Ka can be found rapping in a seated position, either on a street corner at night or indoors. The Brownsville native is not normally known for flashiness, but does sport a grill in his mouth as he raps. It twinkles in the shadows that Ka cloaks himself in.

'Jungle' can be found on Ka's latest album, 'The Night's Gambit.' The project came out back in July, and while it does not have the backing of any label (outside of Ka's own Iron Works entity), it has been critically acclaimed across the board. Prior to this video, Ka had released videos for 'Peace Akhi,' 'Off The Record,' and 'Our Father' off the album.