Juvenile could be facing a lawsuit after he assaulted a man at a Waffle House in Greenville, S.C., last Friday (May 13).

The unidentified victim shared photos of his injuries with TMZ and he has a black eye and a cut over his eyebrow. Strangely enough, the guy is a huge fan of the New Orleans rapper and is not going to press charges against him.

However, the man did hire an attorney to handle the case and plans to sue Juvenile. The victim reportedly delivered an ultimatum to pay up some of that “Cash Money” Juvie raps about or get slapped with assault charges.

As we previously reported, the waffle house attack was prompted by a customer shouting, "Juvenile here, here come all the ho's now!" as Juvenile walked in with his wife.

Clearly, the "Ha" rapper felt he and his wife had been insulted. The surveillance video shows Juvenile’s security team pulling him out of the restaurant and returning seconds later. When the man stood up, and started talking again, Juvenile punched him in the face. According to a witness, the rapper’s posse joined in the attack.

A waitress at the restaurant reportedly grabbed a sink hose from under the counter and sprayed water on the men in an attempt to break up the scuffle.

Fox Carolina reports, deputies of the Greenville County Sheriff's office were called in to settle “a verbal argument”, but by the time they arrived, both parties had already left the scene and a report was not filed.

Attorneys for Juvenile had no comment on the matter.

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