With Michael Jackson's posthumous album, 'Xscape,' releasing on May 13, the highly-anticipated first single, 'Love Never Felt So Good,' arrives featuring a very special guest.

Justin Timberlake, who's featured on the track, tweeted the news of the song to his 32 million followers with the hashtag #PLAYITLOUD.

Originally written by Paul Anka and Kathy Wakefield in 1983, the track clearly has that old pop '80s vibe that we remember from MJ. JT's scatting and ad-libbing are all over the intro and mid-tempo drumbeats are featured throughout the song. These additions sound like something the 'Mirrors' singer would release today while still giving a 'Rock With You' effect. The King of Pop takes on the first verse while Justin holds down the second.

"Cause baby, every time I love you / In and out of my life, in out baby / Tell me, if you really love me / It's in and out my life in out baby / So baby, yes, love never felt so good," Michael sings on the chorus.

Bringing together MJ and JT on this track not only makes one great union but also shows how pop voices from the past and present can join forces and make something that everyone can love.

If you're a purist and want to hear the original version with Justin Timberlake, listen below.

Listen to Michael Jackson's 'Love Never Felt So Good'