Justin Bieber is going through some tough times. After being arrested in Miami on DUI and drag racing charges, the singer posted a side-by-side photo comparing himself to Michael Jackson on Instagram Friday (Jan. 24). WTF?

The split picture features both singers, in black-and-white, waving to their fans atop a SUV. Bieber's photo is from Wednesday (Jan. 22) when he was leaving a Miami police station, while MJ's is an image taken of him leaving a California courthouse during his child molestation trial in 2004.

Under the photo, the embattled 19-year-old singer writes, "What More Can I Say," in reference to Jay Z’s lyric from 2003’s 'The Black Album.'

Of course, Bieber comparing himself to the late King of Pop brought an onslaught of slander through social media.

"Don’t even compare yourself to Michael your nothing but a f--- face d---head that needs to get sorted," wrote one commenter on Bieber’s Instagram page. "MJ was an angel u a prick," wrote another.

To be fair, his Beliebers were out in force supporting him. "We love you," wrote one fan, while another commented, "I’m so proud of you... You are so perfect to us!!"

The slander on Twitter was even more brutal. Check out some of the tweets below.

What do you think? Was Justin Bieber wrong in comparing himself to Michael Jackson? Tell us in the comments below.