On June 11, an updated version of the '80s television action series 'A-Team' will hit movie theaters and Just Blaze was given the hefty honor of ensuring that the musical elements of the film are updated for a new century. In a behind-the-scenes video, Blaze takes an amazing helicopter ride over New York City to his brand new Stadiumred production compound and shows off some of the work in progress.

The new theme song isn't quite what you would expect -- the old, iconic theme chopped with a gigantic beat made to bump. Instead, Just opts for a total reconstruction of the original version, piece-by-piece. He shows how each part is now re-recorded and isolated (check that marching band part!) in order to make a more exciting version that could even work in a club with some dance inflections.

"Let the crowd mellow out for a minute," Just explained during the breakdown. "The DJ might be talking, you know, 'You ladies, whatever whatever, tip your bartender, buy some drinks, drop it like it's hot, and here we go ... Since it's the A-Team, we'll make it the Ay! Team."

After previewing the progression of the track, the video cuts to Just Blaze DJing in downtown New York. He plays the new 'A-Team' theme and the crowd goes pretty wild on the dance floor.