Harlem rappers Jim Jones and Cam'ron have put their three-year long feud behind them,announcing plans to reunite their group the Diplomats for a new album, 'Diplomatic Immunity 3.' Up until now Jones and Cam have been the only Dipset members to discuss the reconciliation, but Cam's former protege Juelz Santana broke his silence in an interview with Hot 97's Angie Martinez yesterday, explaining he's never born a grudge against his former groupmates.

"Me and Jim have talked about putting the past and everything behind us. I never had no reason to have personal grudges," Juelz told Martinez. "I was always willing to move forward. I just have to worry about my future now." Juelz explained that through the Jones and Cam beef he always respected Cam for giving him his first break, and is glad to be returning to the game together.

"I respect the fact he extended that arm and that's something I can never take back," Juelz said of choosing sides back in 2007. "The blueprint was drawn up and Cam definitely drew it. But I laid down bricks on top of bricks to help that building be what it was ... But we're all bosses now. I'm all grown up now and I've always respected other people's positions."

Juelz Santana will perform at Hot 97's Summer Jam on June 6. Sounds like a Dipset performance is in order.