Brooklyn MC Josh Baze is a hip-hop newcomer but he's scored some powerhouse talent for his first video. Veteran director Hype Williams is lending his visual skills for the rapper's new feel-good single, 'We Made It.'

For 'We Made It,' Hype selected locations in both Baze's hometown as well as sunny areas on the West Coast. The extensive hours filming were new to the 21-year-old, who gained a new appreciation for the director's work ethic.

"I think the whole experience was funny and weird but definitely an experience to remember and I say this because we shot this whole video over the course of seven days," Baze tells The BoomBox. "It was a long, long experience. Our locations spanned from L.A. to N.Y. Usually these videos are one or two days, not seven days! Hype had this attitude as if each day was the greatest day of the shoot, but my team and I [were] worn out [laughs]. But overall I'm so excited it got done and the video was a success."

In the behind-the-scenes clip, Baze rides around Cali streets in a vintage DeLorean -- the car made famous in the 1985 classic flick 'Back to the Future' -- and gets on the "iron horse" known as the MTA with the straphangers in Brooklyn. While the visuals don't give too much away as far as the story line goes, Baze gives some insight into the inspiration for the 'We Made It' video.

"Well, I'm from a place where dreams aren't conquered everyday, so being a 21-year-old kid in a position like this will inspire a lot of people," the rhymer shares. "It took years for some artists to get where I am today and it took time for them to see what's relevant and what's irrelevant in today's music. In the song and video, we pointed out what my definition of success was and what was relevant and irrelevant. I went to California with just a dream and came back with the world on my shoulders. I had the perfect team to help me do it. I thank Brooklyn, I thank New York and I thank myself."

The Hype Williams-directed 'We Made It' video will debut in the coming weeks. Check out more of Josh Baze's journey towards releasing his first album in this exclusive interview with The BoomBox here.

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Josh Baze's 'We Made It'

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