Since the release of the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me, the movie has been hit with bad publicity. Jada Pinkett Smith has slammed the movie and Kevin Powell is suing the producers for copyright infringement. Now parts of John Singleton’s original script for AEOM has surfaced online.

TMZ received several pages of the 2014 draft of AEOM written by Singleton, and it does include a “rape scene” with Tupac. In the document, guards lock ‘Pac in the library with six “Predatory and Degenerate” inmates who attack the rapper. The library is left in shambles and ‘Pac is severely injured (“two blackened eyes”) on the carpet crying and his prison uniform is ripped to shreds, which seems to suggest that he was raped.

There’s also a part in the script where a young Tupac witnesses his mother, Afeni Shakur, participate in “adult fun” with a man and another woman.

L.T. Hutton went on Power 105's The Breakfast Club and slam Singleton's script particularly the rape scene and Afeni's orgy scene. Singleton, who was the original director for the film before his departure, claims the producers stole the movie rights from Afeni Shakur.

Morgan Creek Marketing EVP Greg Mielcarz told TMZ that the script they have is "one of several versions penned by Mr Singleton while he was working with Morgan Creek.” Insiders told the outlet that the script was an early draft, but everything he wrote was approved by Afeni.

In the end, All Eyez on Me is still doing well at the box office despite the lukewarm reviews. You can read John Singleton's script draft at

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