If you've heard Jodeci's comeback song 'Nobody Wins,' featuring B.o.B, you probably thought it lacked that classic sound the group established back in the '90s.

Well, this time around they've nailed it with 'Every Moment,' a touching ballad that contains their signature sound, but with a nice 2015 twist.

"Cars, clothes, girls, and games, though the years nothing's changed / We shared a love like a melody, my sweetest moment is when you're hear with me," sings JoJo, right before the other group members launch into a four part-harmony.

"Every morning is so sweet, when you laying next to me / Our hearts beating as one, nothing we can't overcome," they sing over big drums, which helps to accentuate their vocals.

Clearly, this is a song that's not about a fly-by-night romance; it's about actual love and commitment -- the group does a splendid job of relaying the sentiment.

There's no doubt the cut will please loyal Jodeci fans. Experience their moment below.

Listen to Jodeci's 'Every Moment'

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