Longtime hip-hop head Beck is behind this glitchy new remix of 'Banished' by JJ DOOM, the duo of rapper-producers Jneiro Jarel and DOOM.

If you have listened to Beck's work over the years, you have no doubt realized that the guy has a supreme love for rap music. Hell, he even used to spit some bars, like on breakthrough single 'Loser,' though he's put that part of his repertoire on the back-burner as of late.

And even though he's not rhyming on 'Banished,' he is providing the warped, layered backdrop on this newly revealed remix. It'll find a home on the 'Butter Version' of JJ DOOM's 'Key to the Kuffs,' which drops Aug. 20.

Whereas the original was grimy and spastic, Beck's take is far more hypnotizing and sounds like a DOOM-narrated daydream. Or maybe it's a nightmare. Either way, let's hope for more collaborations on the books from the villain and Beck.

You can listen below.