Controversial music executive Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, founder of Czar Entertainment, is not having a good week. On June 15, current inmate Dexter Isaac claimed that Henchmen paid him $2,500 dollars to rob Tupac Shakur on the infamous night the late rapper was shot at Quad Studios on 1994. Now the Smoking Gun reports that two men allegedly associated with Rosemond have been charged with murdering one of 50 Cent's and Tony Yayo's associates.

In March 2007, Rosemond's then 14-year-old son was allegedly slapped by someone in G-Unit member Tony Yayo's entourage, after the teen was spotted wearing a Czar Entertainment T-shirt. At the time, G-Unit and Compton rapper Game, who is managed by Czar Entertainment, were in a heated feud. Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher was Yayo's co-defendant and told authorities that he was the one who assaulted Rosemond's son.

A year later, Yayo plead guilty to noncriminal harassment and as part of his plea deal all the criminal charges against him -- including misdemeanor assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child -- were dismissed. The Queens rapper was ordered to fulfill 10 days of community service.

Meanwhile, Fletcher plead guilty to endangering the welfare of a child and was sentenced to nine months in prison, which ran concurrently with a two-year sentence he received for an unrelated drug charge.

In September 2009, Fletcher was killed in the Bronx just a few weeks after being paroled. Last month, federal prosecutors accused Rodney Johnson and Brian McCleod with plotting out the murder of Fletcher. Both Johnson and McLeod are involved in a cocaine ring whose East Coast operations were allegedly being run by Rosemond. The cocaine distribution allegations are why there is a federal warrant out for Rosemond's arrest.

Although Rosemond is staunchly proclaiming his innocence, he is currently on the run from authorities.

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