Jesse Boykins III is a very talented soul crooner who deserves more attention. Lately, he’s been putting soulful spins on your favorite R&B songs. About a month ago, Boykins reworked Drake’s tune 'From Time' and before that, Chris Brown’s 'Beautiful People.' The Brooklyn-based singer just released his latest cover, a mash-up of sorts called 'Our Party.'

The sensual ballad features audio bites from Janelle Monae’s song 'What an Experience' and Boykins singing the chorus from Alicia Keys' power anthem 'No One.'

On the song, the 28-year-old singer explains the idiosyncrasies between him and his lover. She likes to party while he's a homebody. She likes to dream, while he lives in the moment. Despite their differences, Boykins still loves her with all of his heart.

"You like yours with ice / I prefer it lukewarm / Shower time means sharing time to clean up the dirty doings / Talk in your sleep, I must do the same thing / You always fast to dream / And it’s just live in the moment for me," he croons.

He then sings on the chorus, "I just want you close / So we can be together."

It may not be a party song, but it’s the perfect tune to play when you and your significant other are having a nightcap.

If you want to hear more from JB III, check out his latest EP, 'P.O.P [purpose or people].'

Listen to Jesse Boykins III's 'Our Party'