The world of Wikipedia can be a wild place. You see kids, before you could go online and read dubious, user-generated informational entries on your favorite subjects there used to be these things called "encyclopedias." They were big, heavy, books that listed subjects in alphabetical order over the course of many volumes. Sound cumbersome? They were.

Wondering why people would buy volumes and volumes of books of facts that would inevitably be outdated almost as soon as they were printed? Well, because no Internet. The one thing that made encyclopedias handy is that the info in them was sourced from actual experts, fact checked by professional fact-checkers who cross-referenced the entries, and finally edited by editors who went to school for reading and writing and stuff.

Though we have great reverence for Wikipedia we do realize that sometimes contributors get facts wrong or just simply make s--t up, so in our "Wikipedia Fact or Fiction?" video series we sit down with a subject to hear straight from the horse's mouth if the Wiki facts about them are actually factual or fallacies.

For this episode we sat down with SoSo Def founder, songwriter producer and executive Jermaine Dupri to talk about his upbringing and decades-long career in music. How'd he meet Kris Kross? How long did he wear his pants backwards? How long did he date Janet Jackson for? Is he really a martial artist? We answer these questions and more in our interview. Watch part one of it above and be on the look out for part two next week.