Jermaine Dupri is depending on his entrepreneurial spirit to carry him into the future. The Grammy Award-winning producer just officially launched a new website and social networking community called Global 14. The site, which is supposedly the "coolest, hippest city on the Internet," originally came to Dupri when he was the president of urban music at Virgin Records and working with longtime collaborator Janet Jackson on marketing her '20 Y.O.' album.

"I created a contest for Janet's album where I went to the Internet and asked fans to create an album cover for her," Dupri told "That was the beginning of me engaging people on the Internet. It was overwhelming and it was the most records she ever sold in her first week. That let me know the people wanted to be involved."

For Dupri, his site is different from more popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter because of his presence and accessibility at the top. He feels that users, which are mostly from the hip-hop and R&B communities thus far, will have something in common with him and look to the site as a comfortable, fun place to hang out.

"None of those have an owner that you actually know and feel like you have something in common," he continued. "People only know the Facebook owner [Mark Zuckerberg] now because of his money. You wouldn't have hung out with him before you knew what he did. I have an influence on producers, songwriters, artists and creative people in general."

The site is already doing well. In a pre-launch build up, Dupri has amassed nearly 11,000 subscribers and claims to be already receiving 100,000 unique visitors per month. Check it out here.

Watch Jermaine Dupri's 'Gotta Getcha'

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