Atlanta producer Jermaine Dupri has finally addressed the "Pacman" Jones footage which was released by ESPN last week, showing Dupri and Nelly partying with the NFL player the night he was allegedly involved in a highly publicized shooting.

The video depicts Jones and others "making it rain," throwing thousands of dollar bills at dancers in a Las Vegas strip club.

"I'm from a city where in Atlanta, we do this every day," Dupri attempted to explain. "A lot of y'all comment on how stupid it is. It might be stupid to you, but this is what we do. We eat, we kick it, we throw money. Don't make this one situation blow the whole thing out."

In the video, Dupri is then heard admonishing the girls from the DJ booth, for halting their routines to pick up the money.

Dupri continued to try to defend his involvement in the evening, saying "You're no supposed to get your money until the dance is finished. These girls picking the money up [as] soon as the money was flying, like someone was going to steal it. That kind of gave me an idea of the place that we were in. I was like 'oh these girls are going to start fighting or something because they don't understand what the f--- is going on in here."

According to reports, one of the dancers disregarded Dupri's warning, continuing to pick up the money, at which point Jones allegedly grabbed her and punched her several times.

The NFL star then engaged in an altercation with club security over $40,000 which he had been keeping in a garbage back in the club, to throw at the dancers. Jones claimed that he was later approached by a man named Arvin Edwards about retrieving his missing money, which had gone missing during his fight with the dancer.

Edwards entered the club and shot three people, one of whom, the club's shift manager, is now paralyzed.

Dupri contends that Jones was trying to break up a fight between two dancers. Edwards trial has been pushed back to next February. He has been charged with attempted murder.

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