Jeremih and his entourage caused a ruckus at a Fuddruckers restaurant in Billings, Mont., last Wednesday (Nov. 5) and now a video has surfaced showing how the incident went down.

TMZ posted the clip on Sunday (Nov. 9), which shows one of the R&B singer's hanger-ons at the counter talking to one of the employees. Then suddenly he splashes beer on the person and then toss the bottle itself.

According to Billings Gazette, Police Chief Rich St. John said that Jeremih and his entourage ordered food at the restaurant and began to hassle the staff. When the manager asked the group to calm down they accused him of being racist and started causing problems. One person reportedly dumped beer on the counter and threw a bottle, which ended up breaking one of the friers. The group then left and drove away.

No arrests were made as police are still investigating it as a case of disorderly conduct and vandalism.

Meanwhile, Jeremih went on Twitter and accused the restaurant of being racist.

"I have traveled all over the world, and never have I experienced such blatant racism that occurred in Billings, Montana," he tweeted. "That was an unfortunate situation that should have never happened."

Concert promoter Waymon C. Mitchell of Next Level Inc., who brought Jeremih in to perform at an event, has been in contact with the staff and managers of Fuddruckers and will work to "remedy the wrongs created by Jeremiah and his entourage."

"We strive to bring quality performers and entertainment to Montana and the Billings area," he told the Billings Gazette. "The performers we have brought to Billings in the past have been professional, humble, dignified and passionate towards their fans and the Montana communities they have performed in. Unfortunately, [Jeremih] and his Crew DID NOT represent those qualities by their actions on Nov. 5th."