Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon have become a pretty good team when it comes to 'Tonight Show' skits. Last, year they did the hilarious 'Tight Pants' song and this time, the pair delivered some stiff competition in the game Catchphrase, which they played on the late-night show Monday (Jan. 19).

It was Fallon and the Bronx-bred beauty against actor Anthony Mackie and show announcer Steve Higgins. For those who haven't played the game, here's how it works: you have to give verbal clues to what the answer is while the other person guesses the answer. All four players did a great job while both teams barely missed a question.

But the funniest moment came towards the end of the game when the answer was "bottom line." J.Lo used her most famous asset for a clue by pointing to her derriere to signify the word "bottom."

This prompted some comedic remarks from Mackie, who was obviously taken with the fact that one of the most beautiful women in entertainment was showcasing her backside.

Watch the hilarious clip above and enjoy the intense competition.

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