Jennifer Lopez may be currently short a 'Papi' after splitting with estranged hubby Marc Anthony, but she's singing and dancing for a slew of future 'Papi' hopefuls in her brand new music video!

After eating an enchanted heart-shaped sugar cookie, J.Lo is the apple of every 'Papi's eye, who all go to great lengths -- jumping through glass windows, crashing their cars, stealing puppies and fighting one another like animals -- to get to her. "Move your body, Move your body/ Dance for your papi/ Rock your body, Rock your body/ Dance for your papi," Lopez sings as she struts through the streets and is mobbed my a crowd of ravenous men.

The newly-single singer recently revealed in an 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest' radio interview, "I always use the word 'papi'; I call everyone 'papi'; I used to call Marc 'papi'; It was 'papi, papi, papi,' all the time. [My producers and I] wrote this song about loving somebody and just celebrating that."

"Even though you're not with the person, they're still there with you, and you can still celebrate them. It's really like a celebration of being with someone you really love," Lopez added of her intended musical message.

Watch Jennifer Lopez's 'Papi' Video

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