Don't mess with Jennifer Lopez' privacy. The "Dance Again" singer is making that abundantly clear with a $20 million lawsuit she filed against her former driver, who threatened to spill her secrets to the public if she did not pay him $2.8 million.

Hakob Manoukian, who served as Lopez' driver and head of security, began working for her in 2005. He apparently wanted more money for his services and additional control of her security team. When he was denied those requests, Lopez claims he engaged in extortion, attempted extortion and conspiracy.

"Manoukian plotted to retaliate against Ms. Lopez and her management and to use his apparent position of trust to exploit and extort substantial sums from Ms. Lopez," the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court shows.

According to the suit, Manoukian would expose "sensitive and personal information that he had allegedly overheard while driving Ms. Lopez" if he did not receive the exorbitant sum.

Watch "Jennifer Lopez Career Decision"

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