Twenty-something ladies, pay attention. If you think you've reached your peak of beauty now, just look at Jennifer Lopez's new album cover -- it gives you something to look forward to.

The 44-year-old renaissance woman released the cover art for her new album 'A.K.A.' On the ruby red cover, Lopez sports a red leather body hugging dress, which doesn't leave too much to the imagination since the top portion of the dress is made of straps that surround her breasts. The 'American Idol' judge completely spills out of it, as she looks straight ahead with intense bedroom eyes.

The album cover is certainly a departure for Lopez, as her other covers like 'On the 6' and 'Love?' are way more tame. And even though she showed a little sexiness on the covers of 'This Is Me' and 'Rebirth,' it was understated. Now it looks like she's not pulling any punches in the va va voom department.

So far, J. Lo has released two songs off the forthcoming album: 'I Luh Ya Papi' featuring French Montana, and 'First Love,' an ode to the man who's captured her heart now so she's forgetting about the rest.

Between both of those singles, it's clear that Lopez has updated her sound a bit to compete with the ever-changing soundscape of today's pop, dance and R&B music.

And if the 'A.K.A' album cover is any indication of the overall sound, fans should prepare themselves for a no-holds-barred, grown and still sexy kind of album, which is exactly what pop music needs right now.