When Jeezy released the album art for his upcoming fifth LP, 'Seen It All: The Autobiography,' rap fans on the internet began throwing out accusations that the rapper was part of the Illuminati due to the eye that decorates the cover.

The southern spitter is setting the record straight and squashing the rumors.

"Let me say this, first and foremost, do not get art and creativity confused with ignorance," Jeezy explains to Power 99 Philly's Mina SayWhat while banging on the table. "I'm a hardworking, God-fearing man. I have no idea what an Illuminati is, and I really don't give a damn."

Jeezy reveals he "wanted to do something different and something bigger" when it came to putting a crest on his album cover. "And that was my vision. It's kind of a dark album so I just wanted to be like have a mystique about it... Like keep something as a collector's edition," he shares.

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Making a comparison to Tupac's 'Makaveli' album art -- the late rapper hangs on a cross -- Jeezy wanted to make a similar statement with the artwork he chose. "That's just how I feel," he says. "I'm bigger than, you know, music. I'm a leader, you know what I mean? So I can do that. I don't want to stand in front of a Lamborghini and give you another picture holding or with give chains on. I'm nine years in the game, 10 years in the game. I'm trying to push the envelope a little bit."

However, he does promise that it's still the same Jeezy once you listen to the music. "That music is A1," he states with confidence.

Jeezy also discusses the nostalgia he and Jay Z felt while working on 'Seen It All,' a track that even made Hov a bit emotional. "He said, 'I went so far back that I almost was teary-eyed in the booth,'" Jeezy discloses. "You know he was kickin' it. He was poppin'. But that's how I feel when I did my verse. It's like, that's real. If you knew Jeezy in '04 [or] '03, That's what you saw. The young cat hoppin' in the club, noticing anything, 10 chains on, 100 deep, going in the club. Turn up, know what I mean? That was every day and every night."

You can watch the rest of the interview on Power99.com. 'Seen It All: The Autobiography' is set for release Sept. 4