JB Smoove, the hilarious comedian that serves as our primary role model in his Leon Black character from HBO's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' made his debut last night (July 11) as the host of Russell Simmons' new comedy program 'Comedy Central Presents: Stand-Up at The El-Rey.' Always one for a story, Smoove published an editorial explaining his reaction to getting the gig after years of grinding and networking.

"[Simmons] told me he had this 'El Rey' show coming out and said, 'I want you to host it,' and I said cool man," he writes at SOHH. "That's crazy that after all these years we finally get a chance to work together and I've been turned down four times for the RushCard. I can't even get a RushCard credit card but I'm hosting your show. This is amazing man."

Smoove actually appeared in the first season of Simmons' classic Def Comedy Jam series in 1992, when it was hosted by Martin Lawrence.

"It was kind of throwback for me," he continued about hosting the new show. "I know where these comics are with me being a young comic back in '92 when Def Comedy Jam was coming out so I know exactly where they were and it's like, 'Wow, I've been there,' going on stage like how I went on stage for Def Comedy Jam."