Rapper Kool Rock of The Fat Boys dropped his first solo EP ever Tuesday, and he brought a couple (random) friends with him.

For his first single, 'We Can Talk,' the old school legend (formerly known as Kool Rock-Ski) called on a slightly younger MC, Jay-Z to spit a hot 16. "Man, you know it was like two decades since I been in the game," Kool Rock said of the collaboration. "To get in the studio and do a track with Jay-Z on it was a great feeling man...me and Jay was laughing about his line 'First the Fat Boys break-up,' and he was really happy to see we back!"

Next, the Krush Groove star enlisted auto-tune crooner T-Pain to sing on 'Stop Playing With Yourself,' which Rock referred to as "One of those jams that just gets stuck in your head. As a matter of fact, I bet it will be a strip club anthem in a minute. 'Stop Playing With Yourself,' get your hands out your pants, you nah mean?"

Due to the untimely death of fellow Fat Boy, Buff Love, of a massive heart attack in 1995, both remaining members Prince Markie Dee and Rock have been hitting the gym hard, and they're ready for action. "The industry that we helped forge has grown, and as I hit my 40's I'm having the time of my life," Said the formerly fat MC, Kool Rock. "I'm grown and sexy. I'm 175 pounds, I am in incredible shape; I got a 6-pack ladies! No pun intended, but I gotta eat now, it's been a long time, [legally] download my album!"

Kool Rock's 'Party Time' EP is available on iTunes.

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