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"This is what success looks like!" a newly slimmed-down Janet Jackson proclaims in her new Nutrisystem commercial. As reported by AOL Music, the pop icon-turned-spokesperson has debuted a brand new TV ad for the weight-loss system and most certainly has a new super-svelte figure to match!

After several weight fluctuations over the past decade, Janet is looking skinnier than ever these days -- though she has yet to announce exactly how many pounds she's lost. "For Janet, it's about feeling good," a Nutrisystem rep said.

Previously known for her enviable flat abs, Janet shocked when she climbed up to 180 lbs on the scale back in 2006. After shedding the extra pounds in a dramatic slim-down, the singer's weight has slowly been creeping back up following the 2009 death of her brother Michael Jackson.

Janet identified herself as an "emotional eater" with serious body-image issues in her best selling tell-all book "True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself."

Check out Janet in action in her new Nutrisystem commercial below.

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