Just weeks ago, Janet Jackson announced that her “Unbreakable" World Tour would be postponed because she's reportedly starting a family. Many fans felt Janet was saying good-bye to them. But it appears now that the pop icon isn't exiting from music completely.

Over the weekend, Janet went on her Twitter account to revealed that she is releasing a new video for "Dammn Baby" from her 2015 Unbreakable album. The uptempo track is easily a fan favorite from the album.

"Hey you guys, I love and miss you!," she tweeted along with a .gif of herself sashaying and flinging her gorgeous mane of curly hair.

Although Ms. Jackson has yet to confirm an exact date of when the music video will be released, the promotion of the video can only mean it's dropping sooner than later. And if so, the veteran singer couldn't be releasing the video at a better time as the song is a perfect tune for the summer.

Its good to see that Janet Jackson is still trying to cater to her fans while she starts her newfound journey into motherhood.

Check out what Janet has been tweeting below.

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