Janet Jackson's lifelong battle with her weight is no secret, but the newly trim R&B diva is now ready to share the secret of her success.

Nutrisystem's latest spokesperson describes her diet strategy in a new advertisement, revealing that the weight loss program is the key to her happiness, and a sure-fire booster for her self-image.

"What's so funny, and can be so frustrating is that we all want success, and we all want to be happy, but what stops me is when I don't have a plan," Janet explains in the ad. "I understand what it's like to have weight issues. I've dealt with it all my life."

Taking a break from her recent world tour, the 45-year-old singer continued to lay out her zen-like approach to weight loss.

"There is a secret to success. It's very simple. You can't wish for what you want, hope for what you want, just dream about what you want. You have to have a plan, and then you have to get on it," she concludes.

Hawking the program in a sit-down interview on 'Good Morning America,' the 45-year-old singer revealed that her body image concerns began with her role on popular '70's sitcom 'Good Times.'

"I didn't like it. We always find something wrong with us, somewhere," Janet explained. "I could really easily pick myself apart and that's what I did."

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