Janet JacksonJanet Jackson revealed that she knew of her brother Michael's dependency on prescription drugs and even went so far as to try and stage an intervention. The pop star said in an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts that she and her family got together to confront the late King of Pop about his drug use but to no avail. "Those are the things that you do when you love someone. You can't just let them continue on like that," she said. "And we did [attempt interventions] a few times. We weren't very successful. He understood that it was out of love, out of caring. But when it's something like that people can tend to be in denial," she said.

Despite their attempts Michael continued his use of painkillers and the powerful sedative Propofal, which is believed to have killed him, as he was injected with the drug in the hours leading up to his death. Michael who was being treated by his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, suffered a cardiac arrest on June 25 and could not be revived by the time paramedics arrived at his Los Angeles home. Once transported to a nearby hospital, the King of Pop was pronounced dead later that afternoon. Ironically, he was just a few weeks shy of his comeback 'This Is It' concerts. The run was to debut July 13 in London. Footage from the rehearsals have since been turned into a movie of the same name which hit theaters in October and has become the top grossing musical documentary with more than $200 million in sales worldwide.

Of her relationship with Michael, Janet noted that they were "incredibly" close and had seen him one month prior to his death. "[We last saw each other] two days before my birthday [May 14]. We had a lot of fun, laughing. He was sitting in front of me cracking up -- just laughing." Since his death, Jackson said she is doing "well" and has continued to focus on her work. The 43-year-old released her 'Number Ones' album this week and will appear in the Tyler Perry film 'Why Did I Get Married Too,' due in theaters April 2010.

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