As reported by AOL Music, these days, Janet Jackson is looking and feeling the best she has in years. The NutriSystem spokesperson has dropped some serious lbs. thanks to a disciplined diet and exercise routine. But there was a time, not too long ago, when Janet's lifestyle was much less healthy ... and those bad habits and extra weight took a toll on the singer's health.

The icon was at her heaviest back in 2005, and the extra pounds effected more than just her physical appearance. "Health was always a concern," Jackson told Prevention magazine. "When I gained weight in 2005, my nutritionist was very worried. I was close to having diabetes. Even when I lost it and then gained quite a bit back, there was always the thought of heart disease."

As the face of a popular nutrition plan, Ms. Jackson says people can relate to her story of yo-yo dieting. "I think people really connect with the idea of someone who's gained and lost weight in this very public way, and also someone who's an emotional eater. Chocolate, cake, caramel apples -- there aren't many things I don't love."

But as she gets her figure and fitness back on track, Janet is also weary of going to the opposite extreme and losing too much weight, which has its own adverse effects on one's health.

"Knowing I have these problems with body image, I ask my friends and family to tell me when I've lost too much too," Janet confessed. "Because I will continue to pick on myself, like all women do, and say, You need to [lose] more here, more there."

Hopefully Ms. Jackson can find the right balance!

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