J-Zone's already-hilarious 'Gadget Ho' track gets taken to another level courtesy of some newly released VHS-esque visuals.

No one is safe from the all-seeing eye of the Queens-bred rapper/producer, who spends the entire video taking all the technology-loving folks out there to task. With good reason, too, because too many people are texting while driving, hitting the gym, and dancing in the club without paying attention to much else. To that end, he clowns all the dudes out there who are stuck in the friend zone as a result of their emoticon-filled text messages and tweets.

The clip isn't just funny, though. It's actually J-Zone's first time appearing in his own music video. Congrats on that one, especially considering how great this came out. You have to appreciate the lo-fi, seemingly low-budget presentation, especially when you consider the content of the track.

You can watch 'Gadget Ho' above. J-Zone's new album, 'Peter Pan Syndrome,' is out now.