According to reports, Jennifer Lopez has signed with a new record label.

"Def Jam label group will be the new home of Jennifer Lopez," Benny Medina reportedly told the New York Daily News. The popular singer/actress departed from Sony back in February, after releasing six albums with the label. "People are saying that Jennifer is past her prime and her best work is behind her," a source at a major record label told the Daily News.

Though reps for Def Jam have yet to confirm the signing, Lopez' career does not have a great amount of momentum right now. Her last two singles, 'Fresh Out the Oven' and 'Louboutins' were both commercial failures, and a humiliating clip of the singer attempting to record Barbra Streisand's 'Enough is Enough' recently hit the 'Net, with Lopez warbling extremely off key on take after take. She also recently received negative media attention for having slipped onstage at the American Movie Awards and filing a lawsuit to block a sex tape made with her ex-husband.

"Jennifer has fallen between the cracks of the music business," said another of the Daily News' sources. "She's too old to play the cute little dance dolly, and she's not skilled enough as an artist to sing serious ballads. So what can she do?"

J.Lo's next full-length, 'Love?,' is planned for a release this later year despite a label switch. Perhaps her new recording home will revitalize her career, but until we hear confirmation from Def Jam, things seem pretty shaky for J. Lo.