It's not easy being Charles Hamilton. From losing battles to Rhymefest, Serius Jones and random college kids, to getting punched by his assistant/ex-girlfriend and allegedly taking credit for beats he didn't produce, the kid could use a break.

His latest public fail was his attempt to name respected producer James 'J Dilla' Yancey executive producer of his album, posthumously, claiming he worked with revered Detroit artist's ghost. When pressed on this subject, he explained that he was close with, and had the full support of the Yancey family, Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey and younger brother Illa J. Additionally, he claimed that proceeds from his free album would be given to a defunct charity in Dilla's name.

Ma Dukes recently spoke on her relationship with Hamilton, who has managed to piss off the entire city of Detroit, and stated that she had never spoken to, nor heard of the young MC.
"I was getting calls all over the place," Yancey said. "Pete Rock called me like early yesterday and asked me, 'Ma whats going on this guy is putting your business in the streets, who is he?' I was like, 'Well I haven't a clue!' I don't know why he would do it."

When asked what she thought about Hamilton saying that he may have had a seance to invite the Dilla's spirit into his house, she responded angrily, saying "He is crazy. Quote me! Totally insane, oh my god, he's insane."

Ma Dukes also had some hard words for Hamilton . When asked about the threats that some had directed at him based upon the Dilla debacle, she said "Oh my God! I felt that way so what can I say? I was like, "If I can get my hands around his neck!" Like I said though, don't bring the ghetto out [of me]. I don't like that part, but you know I was born and raised in Detroit, lower east side and in the ghetto so it's not prim and proper."

Hopefully Charles will learn his lesson one of these's one thing to make a publicity stunt out of a fight with your assistant or a loss to a veteran MC, it's another to lie about contributing funds to a worthy charity, or pretend to have a relationship with the family of a hip-hop legend.

"As an artist it's a bad start," Ma Dukes advised. "I don't wish him any ill; he just needs to get it right. We all make mistakes it's just that the first remedy is to own up to it and he hasn't done that yet. And that's silly when you don't apologize for things and don't own up to what you've done. He has some issues to address that have nothing to do with music. I do expect respect at the end of the day."